Welcome to our brand new blog, Spin The Big Blue Marble!! We are SO excited to have this up and running and can’t wait to get some posts out to grow our readership.

I know you’re asking “What’s this blog all about?”

​Well, we want this NOT to be just a one sided conversation, that’s for sure! We’re going to be talking Travel, obviously, and who DOESN’T love that, right? But we also want to dive deeper, offering tricks of the trade, or maybe you get to see pictures from a site tour or ship inspection, or a recipe from a chef on board, or maybe YOU share something from a trip you were just on.

The point is we don’t want this to be another stale old blog! We see this as a tool, a sounding board, a vehicle, all for great things! And we want YOU along for the ride…

Stay tuned, Laurie and I will be posting soon and you never know it may be a video or pictures or both, we want to keep you all on your toes…..

God Bless,


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